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Cervical Health

The 1996 introduction of the Hologic ThinPrep Pap test – today's gold standard in liquid-based cytology testing – greatly improved upon conventional Pap technology, contributing to a further 28% reduction in invasive cervical cancers in the United States.

Aptima HPV assay is Health Canada approved and specifies intended uses as a first-line primary screening test, for reflex testing of abnormal Pap test results and for adjunctive testing together with cervical cytology (co-testing).*

Continuing to advance cervical health is a hallmark of Hologic. We now offer a full range of highly specific testing solutions proven to reduce false negatives and false positives, giving physicians the confidence to identify patients at high risk for developing cervical cancer, while minimizing unnecessary interventions.

*Aptima HPV Assay [package insert, AW-14517-001 Rev 001 (EN)], San Diego, CA; Hologic, Inc., 2017.