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Tomcat Instrument

Ease the strain of pre-analytical sample processing in your lab and re-deploy your staff for more value added tasks by adding the Tomcat instrument to your lab.

A fully automated general purpose instrument, Tomcat is designed to eliminate the inefficient and error-prone process of manual aliquoting.  Adding Tomcat to your lab can help to:

  • Improve Lab Workflow by Freeing Skilled Labor for Other Tasks
  • Increase Confidence with Positive Sample ID and Chain of Custody
  • Reduce Risk of Cross-Contamination
  • Standardize Aliquoting Process
  • Lower Risk of Repetitive Motion Injuries

The Tomcat instrument can help to streamline workflow and enhance productivity by eliminating manual sample transfer.  Specifically, the Tomcat performs the following functions:

  • Barcode validation.
  • Vortexing.
  • De-capping.
  • Aliquoting.
  • Re-capping.
  • Reagent addition (when desired).
  • Incubation (when desired).
  • Racking of completed samples for molecular testing.

Features of the instrument include:

  • Automated handling of multiple sample types such as liquid-based cytology. Flexible workflow with the option to continuously load and unload samples, consumables and waste.
  • Automated barcode validation of samples.
  • Intuitive touch-screen user interface and simple workflow.
  • Small bench top model.
  • Processes samples in as little as 90 seconds.
  • Throughput of up to 300 samples in an 8 hour shift.

Benefits of the instrument include:

  • Improved lab workflow, freeing staff for more value added tasks.
  • Greater confidence with positive sample ID and chain of custody.
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination.
  • Standardized aliquoting process.
  • Lower likelihood of repetitive motion injuries.

The small footprint requires minimal bench space.

Size and weight specifications:

  • 109.2 cm (43 in) w x 71.1 cm (28 in) d x 76.2 cm (30 in) h


  • 136 kg (300 lbs) Power: 600 Watts, 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 10 A

Instrument clearance specifications:

  • Width - Minimum 4-foot clearance required (5-foot clearance recommended)
  • Vertical - 3-foot clearance required

Turnaround time:

  • As fast as 90 sec/sample


  • Processes as many as 300 samples within an 8-hour shift

Sample and waste capacity:

  • 64 input samples  - 8 racks of 8 samples
  • 120 output samples  - 8 racks of 15 samples
  • 192 samples processed before unloading waste