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Panther Fusion® Open Access™

Customize your laboratory

Unlock your lab’s potential by simply installing this easy-to-use software on the Panther Fusion system. Next, follow these steps to design your lab’s protocols using the myAccess tool:

  1. Create and edit protocol
  2. Load ready-to-use reagents
  3. Load patient samples 
  4. Analyze results with the myAccess tool
  5. Set thresholds, interpret results and lock protocols

Do more with Panther Fusion Open Access

Add the Open Access software to the Panther Fusion system and take advantage of the following:

  • Design, create and edit your unique protocols using the myAccess software
  • Multiplexing ability lets you test for multiple targets in one reaction with 5 color detection (FAM, HEX, ROX, 670, 705)
  • Ready-to-use reagents help increase efficiency and minimize waste  
  • 12 on-board independent thermocyclers run multiple user-defined protocols simultaneously

Edit and validate based on your needs

If you need to modify, delete, or even completely change any part of your procedures during optimization, that’s all possible with Open Access.

What can Panther Fusion Open Access do for your laboratory?

Integrating this software into the Panther Fusion system opens many new possibilities. Being able to incorporate IVDs and LDTs into your routine workflow gives you the freedom to consolidate your menu. The ability to run 16 LDTs at once and 3 different PCR reactions from a single sample extraction increases your lab’s testing capacity, all without adding an inch to the instrument footprint.

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