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Aquilex Fluid Control System

Designed to optimize high aspiration procedures such as MyoSure, the Aquilex fluid control system from Hologic features the highest performance of any fluid management system available. The Aquilex system is part of our promise to offer effective, safe and simple solutions for women's health.




The high performance Aquilex system helps you maintain maximum control of your procedures. The system's innovative technology and design minimizes procedure time by rapidly achieving and maintaining distention independent of hysteroscope diameter. This can lead to a reduced length of anesthesia and lower risk of intravasation, while providing optimal visualization to the surgeon.

Our Technology

With the Aquilex system technology from Hologic, you can feel confident in your deficit readings. The innovative fluid management system includes:

  • A non-weight-based inflow volume measurement system that eliminates the risk of inaccurate deficit readings caused by sensitivity to movements such as bag changes or accidental bumps.
  • The ability to add or remove bags without pausing the system.
  • A system pause function that stops both inflow and suction pumps and locks the fluid deficit reading when a canister change is necessary, to eliminate inaccurate deficit readings. 

Unique features of the Aquilex system include:

  • A simple user interface that is easy to setup.
  • Setup in three easy steps once the system is connected and powered on.
  • One integrated system with a fluid pump capable of 800 ml/min inflow.
  • Two integrated vacuum pumps (1 for the underbuttock drape and scope outflow, 1 for the MyoSure system) capable of producing up to 500 mmHg of suction.
  • Automatic lumen calibration to optimize intrauterine pressure for achieving and maintaining distention and visualization with a wide variety of hysteroscopes.