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Faxitron™ OR Specimen Radiography System

Improve the standard of care in your OR.

The Faxtiron™ OR system is an intraoperative specimen radiography system designed to provide immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins.


Experience optimal image quality with the Faxitron™ OR systems’ Automatic Exposure Control (AEC), designed to provide high resolution images and accommodate large specimens. The Faxitron OR provides accurate measurements and geometric magnification at any specimen level.

Instantly receive confirmation of a successful surgical excision or biopsy procedure.

Efficient, intuitive.

The Faxitron™ OR system is designed for efficiency.

  • Send multiple annotated images to PACS at the touch of a button
  • Power up with a single button
  • Small footprint takes up less space in tight quarters



Faxitron™ OR system is also known as the BioVision™ system.