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Fluoroscan Mini C-Arm

Hologic continues to raise the bar for high quality fluoroscopy imaging with our CsI (cesium iodide) CMOS flat detector and its exclusive rotating capabilities. The CsI material provides high sensitivity, resulting in lower dose and high quality images.

The Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arm system incorporates this rotating flat detector, providing imaging versatility right in the surgical suite, regardless of how challenging the extremity procedure may be. With its smart engineering, this mini C-arm system answers the needs of orthopedic surgeons who require excellent image quality and time-saving, user-friendly instruments, along with the flexibility of having just one system that can handle all their extremity imaging needs.


Orthopedic surgeons have asked for superb image quality packaged into an intuitive easy-to-use system. The Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arm systems from Hologic deliver exactly that. They combine tremendous maneuverability, ultra-fine fluoroscopy images and automated adjustments that deliver the optimum image for every patient, every time. 

You ask; we continue to answer, with ongoing innovations in the mini C-arm marketplace since 1991 —advancements that will extend long into the future.


Fluoroscan InSight-FD mini C-arm system

The Fluoroscan InSight-FD mini C-arm system with exclusive rotating flat detector technology provides imaging versatility right in the procedure or operating room. The system includes:

  • New and innovative CMOS flat detector with exclusive rotating capabilities.
  • CsI (cesium iodide) material, which provides high sensitivity, resulting in lower dose and high quality images.
  • Superb, distortion-free images that rival standard X-ray procedures.
  • Touchscreen controls that offer effortless image adjustment and rotation for clear and accurate visualization.

Fluoroscan InSight 2 system

Equipped with a standard 6"-4" image intensifier, the Fluoroscan InSight 2 system delivers ultra-fine, low-dose fluoroscopy and snap-shot images. The system's fully automated and customizable acquisition makes it a simple “point-and-shoot” device, perfect for today’s busy surgeon.

Fluoroscan Insight 2 system offers:

  • A lightweight, flat touchscreen monitor that can be rotated and positioned effortlessly.
  • Imaging C-arm that moves with unprecedented maneuverability and enables you to easily get the precise angles that you need.
  • Greater comfort for you and your patients and improved visualization in all types of extremity surgeries.

The demands of extremity imaging are varied. No matter how challenging or complex, the Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arm systems can accommodate your needs with extraordinary flexibility.

HD touchscreen monitor with finger-touch rotation and easy-to-understand command buttons:

  • Adjustment-free imaging with automatic exposure, as well as motion and metal detection.
  • Tilt-and-swivel capabilities to orient the monitor for best viewing.

User-friendly controls right where you need them:

  •  Convenient handle and tube-head controls for fine tuning when needed.
  •  Laser alignment light to help guide imaging to the precise and appropriate location.
  •  Single press X-ray exposure right at your fingertips.
  •  Multi-function wireless foot pedal.

Convenient mobility and flexibility:

  • Lightweight system that can be easily moved from room to room.
  • Folds into a tight mobile package for quick and efficient storage.
  • Full range of motion for improved maneuverability and positioning.
  • Cable pushers located on all four wheels.
Our Technology

Fluoroscan InSight-FD incorporates the latest mini C-arm innovations.

  • New C-arm designed with forward tube source, which offers unmatched arch depth for greater flexibility.
  • Full 120° range of motion, both forward and back, providing exceptional maneuverability and flexibility.
  • Flat surface beneath the detector, which allows for efficient table-top positioning.