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SecurXchange Workflow Solutions

Scalable, affordable, streamlined workflow is the ultimate objective our customers are looking to achieve and exactly what Hologic delivers as part of our long-standing commitment to breast health.

Today, we offer archive and connectivity solutions to fit the needs of any practice, from larger centers with complex connectivity requirements to smaller practices in need of an efficient storage solution. The SecurXchange family of products provides image archival, visualization and DICOM routing solutions to optimize customer workflow.

All SecurXchange products are equipped with Hologic Connect secure up-time management software, providing a secure, remote connection between the Hologic Technical Assistance Center and our customers. 


Our SecurXchange suite includes the following products.

SecurXchange Archive:
SecurXchange Archive provides an efficient approach to handling the unique archiving requirements of breast imaging practices that do not have access to a PACS and/or need a local archiving solution. It offers scalable image archiving capabilities that allow you to add storage space as your practice grows. Each SecurXchange Archive includes a single user license for the 3DView mammography viewer. Learn more

SecurXchange Router:
Transmission of digital mammography data can create a workflow bottleneck, delaying interpretation. SecurXchange Router is a powerful product that can automate the transfer of DICOM objects to enhance workflow. It is especially useful in complex environments that include multiple acquisition gantries, diagnostic workstations and a PACS archive for storage of prior images. Facilities can customize the flow of images, including pre- and post-fetching of priors, according to their individual needs. Learn more

3DView Mammography Viewer:
3DView is a web-based viewer that allows for viewing of 2D and 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ images resident on SecurXchange Archive or SecurXchange Router. It is intended for use by technologists, surgeons and referring physicians for non-diagnostic purposes, and can be run on any suitable computer with network access to SecurXchange. A single user license comes standard on all Archive configurations, and can be purchased as an option on the Router. Additional licenses can be purchased to allow for multiple concurrent viewing sessions. Learn more