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Breast Biopsy Markers for MRI

Hologic is dedicated to advances in medical technologies that contribute to longer, healthier lives for women. To that end, we provide innovative biopsy site identification to complement our comprehensive breast biopsy technologies in all imaging modalities.

Our MRI breast biopsy markers provide physicians the visualization they need. With a choice of titanium or stainless steel and up to five distinct shapes, we offer a comprehensive array of MRI biopsy site marking solutions.


Hologic offers the choice between two biopsy site marking solutions under MRI: SecurMark and TriMark biopsy site markers.  

SecurMark MRI biopsy site marker features

  • Comprised of a permanent marker made of bio-compatible titanium or stainless steel and an outer material consisting of bioabsorbable suture-like netting.
  • Designed to minimize movement within the biopsy cavity and enhance ultrasound visualization for three to four weeks post-biopsy in case future breast intervention is necessary.
  • A rigid end-deploy delivery device.
  • Choice of three different shapes to allow for multi-site identification.
  • Stainless steel permanent marker, which increases MRI artifact for improved visualization and confirmation.

TriMark MRI biopsy site marker features

  • Easy and accurate access to the biopsy site under MRI visualization. 
  • Permanent markers comprised of bio-compatible titanium.
  • Rigid end-deploy delivery device for an integrated MRI biopsy site marking solution.  
  • Choice of two different shapes for multi-site identification

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SecurMark for ATEC

  • Available in three shapes: Buckle, Infinity and, Stoplight for use with either ATEC MRI standard or petite devices.



TriMark for ATEC

  • Available in two shapes: Cork and Hourglass for use with either ATEC MRI standard or petite devices.