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Decubitus Breast Imaging (DBI) Table

What if you could access breast tissue, while making the biopsy more comfortable and less anxiety-provoking for patients?

An integral part of our adaptable system for breast biopsy, the Decubitus Breast Imaging (DBI) table, by Medical Positioning, Inc., is designed for maximum comfort and accessibility, resolving such common issues encountered with upright core biopsy techniques.


Undergoing a breast biopsy can be stressful for any patient. That’s why Hologic offers breast biopsy tools that allow you to deliver the most compassionate care, without sacrificing clinically effective outcomes.

One innovation solution for breast biopsy is the DBI table. This cost-effective, flexible piece of equipment gives you 360° access to the breast, providing the shortest skin-to-lesion distance, regardless of location. So you can optimize patient positioning to enhance comfort.

The DBI table can be used with such procedures as:

  • Stereotactic core breast biopsy using a decubitus patient position. 
  • Needle localizations.
  • Ultrasound and ultrasound-guided biopsies.

Benefits of decubitus positioning:

  • Enables the patient to lie comfortably, reduces risk of fainting.1
  • Consistently able to biopsy further into the axillary tail.
  • Provides greater comfort for patients, especially for small-breasted and obese women as compared to prone biopsy.


Features of the DBI table include:

  • Allows all standard and oblique approaches.
  • Adjustable head and back rests provide additional patient comfort, particularly those with neck and back disorders.1,2
  • Improves proximity to the procedure field to provide optimal contact with the patient's chest wall.2
  • Drop-out sections increase access to the breast and short skin-to-lesion distance.3
  • Electrical height adjustment improves patient access.
  • Lift capacity up to 500 lbs.
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