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MultiCare Platinum Prone Breast Biopsy Table

The MultiCare Platinum breast biopsy prone table delivers exceptional image quality, accurate targeting and precise, efficient operation. Using cutting-edge targeting and guidance technology, the MutliCare Platinum breast biopsy table provides the superb image quality you need to locate tissue required for biopsy, even from the most difficult-to-access lesions. These combined elements, along with greater comfort for patients, place the MultiCare Platinum table from Hologic at the forefront of breast biopsy.


You’ve asked us: How can we make this procedure better for our patients? The answer? The MultiCare Platinum prone breast biopsy table, which incorprates the efficient, precise breast biopsy technology you demand, while providing maximum comfort for patients.

With the latest advances in stereotactic technology, the MultiCare Platinum prone breast biopsy table is the ideal system to characterize calcifications, masses and architectural distortions. Intuitive Cartesian coordinates help technicians ensure precise, accurate targeting and safe, easy access to even the most difficult-to-reach lesions.

The MultiCare Platinum prone table features our exclusive contoured surface with centered aperture to optimize efficiency. With the patient lying prone in either direction, the C-arm can be positioned at any angle, providing true 360-degree access. This flexible positioning capability ensures easy access with the shortest skin-to-lesion distance, guaranteeing direct access to any lesions. Approach angles can be varied with minimal to no movement on the patient's part, ensuring that the procedure can be completed quickly and efficiently.

The MultiCare Platinum table also addresses patient care and comfort needs. We have developed the MultiCare Maximum Comfort Package to complement the biopsy table. This package offers a collection of ergonomically engineered cushions that provide targeted pressure point support for most body types. Several interchangeable apertures are included to allow for even more customized positioning.

You asked and we answered. The MultiCare Platinum biopsy table offers better access and greater efficiency for technicians, along with greater comfort for patients.


More choice, greater comfort, better access, the MultiCare Platinum table helps patient feel more comfortable and relaxed, leading to greater compliance and more effective positioning. Reducing patient anxiety can minimize movement, leading to faster, more efficient procedures.


Three interchangeable apertures allow for customized positioning, while providing better access.

*All new MultiCare Platinum systems include the Maximum Comfort Package. MultiCare Platinum tables manufactured after 2003 are eligible for an upgrade.


Table Drapes

Table drapes are essential for biopsies and are designed to protect you, your patient and your equipment during the procedure. Our MultiCare Platinum draping system includes table drape, staging drape and control panel drape.


Sterilized Biopsy Kit

Our sterilized biopsy kit provides the means for the effective collection, identification and transportation of breast biopsy samples in one convenient package. The kit is designed for single-use only, eliminating concerns for contamination between procedures.



The MultiCare Platinum prone biopsy table offers a number of unique features:

·         Digital spot mammography (DSM) system, which offers a customized image processing menu that permits the user to enhance images for structure definition and improve visualization of targeted areas requiring breast biopsy or localization.

·         Space-efficient design, allowing the table to be installed within approximately one-plus foot from the wall, optimizing use of existing space, with a small, handheld controller and compact generator contributing further to space efficiencies.

·         Adjustable tray that compensates for variable breast thicknesses, reducing lesion shift in stereo views for improved image clarity.

·         Image receptor that moves in tandem with the X-ray tube, allowing the receptor and X-ray beam to remain perpendicular, eliminating image distortion generally associated with increased parallax.

·         Air gap located between the image receptor and the breast, together with stainless steel compression paddles that minimize the amount of scatter radiation reaching the image receptor, for improved image quality.



CAD drawing depicts size specifications of MultiCare Platinum biopsy table