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Hologic offers a comprehensive curriculum of cutting-edge educational programs. From 3D mammography & cervical cancer screening to the latest advances in minimally invasive surgical procedures. Hologic courses are available online & live at several global learning centers. We collaborate with leading medical experts in diverse fields to develop & improve programs that will expand your knowledge & skills, helping you improve the delivery of patient care.

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Breast Health
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Hologic Learning Edge

Hologic offers and supports many comprehensive educational programs ranging from breast imaging to intervention and treatment. These programs provide healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn the most up to date information in their own field and, when possible, gain hands-on experience on the newest technologically available in breast health. Courses are designed to improve patient care, as well as boost productivity and workflow.
At Hologic, we are fueled by our passion to develop innovative products and services and drive the use of evidence based medicine in clinical practice. We have developed a full range of best-in-class tests, assays and solutions for better detection and screening of cervical cancer, sexually transmitted infections, cystic fibrosis, prostate cancer and pre-term birth.
Gynecologic Surgery
All women deserve to be free of debilitating gynecologic conditions that interfere with day to day activities. In the United States, abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) affects more than 20 of every 100 women between the ages of 35 and 49. Hologic continues to expand our family of GYN surgical products, offering a wide range of customized, minimally invasive solutions that can help you dramatically improve the lives of your patients.
Skeletal Health
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Hologic Learning Edge

Hologic understands the challenges of staying current in the ever-changing practice of medicine. We strive to improve diagnostic skeletal health skills by addressing educational needs through diverse impactful programs and informative resources which we offer and support. We are committed to providing healthcare professionals with the knowledge and confidence to deliver the best care for patients.


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